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Providing best Telecom services

Our strong interconnections and agreements 100+ networks allowing us to offer local quality with global reach.

Services Intergo Telecom Ltd

SMS marketing

SMS.to offers more than just messaging and SMS. Use our advanced shortlinks, GDPR & Privacy compliance features. Use our advanced messaging and AI features.


Integrate our SMS API and implement SMS alert, OTP, Reminders, 2FA (2 Factor Authentication) in your workflows

Personalize Messages

Send personalized messages with up to 5 dynamic tags through our powerful message editor. Every subscriber will received a deeply personalized message.

HLR Verification

Use our HLR Number Validation feature to verify and cleanup your mobile number databases.

2 way SMS

Rent virtual mobile numbers that can be used as SENDER ID or to collect responses back from your customers.s

Short links

Create shortlinks that can help you gather valuable information about your customers.


Reach over 900 Million users with Viber. Send messages of up to 1000 characters without any symbol and encoding restrictions.

Shortcodes & DID's

Intergo Telecom provides DID’s in 55+ countries and 8000+ cities along with Toll Free and national numbers.

Fax Marketing

Easy, affordable online fax service. Send faxes securely to 132 countries. Pay as you go, top-up and send!